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Through inspiring design and proven engineering, SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING creates interior spaces with functionality, style and exceptional quality across a variety of platforms.


We partner with architects, contractors, interior designers, space planners, ship builders, and jet and coach outfitters throughout North America, Europe and Asia to build customized luxury interiors for the residential, commercial, hospitality and transportation markets.


The beauty of sustainable exotic woods and Italian polyurethane finishes are SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING hallmarks. We build to exacting specifications with top-tier materials.



  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Library

  • Home office

Commercial/Common Areas

  • Office

  • Country club amenities

  • Store build-outs

  • In-store boutiques


  • Yachts

  • Private jets

  • Tour coaches


Initial Design Process and Cost Estimates

While our designers explore options of space, light and texture, our project managers review projected cost estimates with each client or their designated project team.


"The philosophy of building the most talented, forward-thinking team is forefront in the company's success across market segments that other companies do not even attempt to enter. The professionals at Sarasota Architectural Wood Working thrive in the challenge of creative problem solving and nonlinear ideas," says SAWW Principal Brian Kuhn.


SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING also prepares for each client a detailed analysis of estimated costs for further review.


SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING project managers are available for any meeting requested by clients through the completion of projects.


Value Engineering

While developing the initial budgets and design concepts, our engineers and designers will suggest options to minimize costs without compromising design intent.


SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING designers and engineers are known for finding elegant solutions to challenges presented in some of the most complicated built environments – private, common, retail, commercial, hospitality and the platforms moving through the air, on the water or over the road.


“I look at what our clients are trying to do,” says SAWW Principal Hugh Leach, “and make it work.”


Shop Drawings

SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING shop drawings are admired throughout the industry as the gold standard for detail, precision and engineering accuracy.


Working directly with the client through preliminary sketches, our designers ensure that all of the client’s desires and dreams are captured and ingrained in the shop drawing process.



SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING’s 15,000-square-foot production facility houses some of the most sophisticated manufacturing operations in Florida. 


SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING is the exclusive importer of Lvle and Milesi Italian polyurethane finishes. Our designers select from these high-gloss polyurethane finishes, polyester resins and automotive polyurethanes that align with the aesthetic and environmental requirements of each project. They must consider, depending on the platform, any requirements for fire rating, UV protection and humidity control.


Finishes, often in combination, are applied in our Garmat paint booth, a 15-foot by 26-foot, full down-draft commercial booth popular in the automotive market because of its outstanding finishing results. It is the only paint booth of its kind in Southwest Florida. Fabricated, all work undergoes SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING quality control procedures.



Our installation team members specialize in moving and installing our finished projects. When working with contractors, we coordinate our work schedule with that of the general contractor and its related trades.


As a subcontractor, SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING conducts a prepunch-list of its work and corrects any flaws prior to the project’s official punch-list.



Project Close

SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING project managers walk with our clients through final site visits during which any imperfections are documented and corrected by SARASOTA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKING.


"Our commitment to excellence is best represented by living our mission statement: Our goal at Sarasota Architectural Wood Working is to create interiors that benefit our clients' lifestyles with heirloom quality and exceptional function."

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