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Project Update No. 2: The 1933/1936 Home

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Looking beyond the psychedelic wallpaper, hideous vinyl floor, doors that won't close (but should), and the termite eaten window frames, this house has some glorious features: Four-wide divided light doors in the living room, raised panel and French doors throughout the rest of the house, wood burning, Bradenton limestone fireplace, the rich patina of cypress paneling and pine floors, original crystal door knobs, and Bakelite switch plates.

Living room looking toward the den. The door to the left leads to two bedrooms and a bath. The four panel glass doors lead to a tiny den.

The den with a French door leading outside to the side porch.

The front door is not centered in the room. More wallpaper in the bookcases.

This is why we chose this project.

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