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Creating the Project Outline or "Scope of Work"

We have digested the true condition of the house after two weeks of cleaning and moving and it is time to begin making our list of projects. We get out three sheets of paper. We begin with a list of critical projects on the first page that includes a new roof on the guest house and work shop, repairing a leaking toilet and sink, having the fireplace cleaned and inspected, and getting rid of all of the awful wallpaper and hideous linoleum (believe it or not, this is critical to my sanity).

We compile our fantasy list on the second page that includes adding a two-car garage with master suite and deck above and laundry room and air-conditioned wood shop below. We'll extend the west side of the house, reconfiguring the existing kitchen and patio, gutting it, and building custom face-frame, raised panel cabinets in the Gustavian style with Sub Zero appliances and a Blue Star range. Oh, and completely renovating the guest house, raising the ceiling height and adding 200 square feet to the existing foot print.

Once that is out of our system we begin in earnest on the third page, making a very basic list of the major projects we want to do to make this our home for at least the next twenty years. We decide to compile our list from the east side of the house, moving west:

· Add a third bedroom

· Make second bathroom usable

· Add a walk-in closet

· Expand the den/TV room

· Add a front porch

· Add an entry foyer

· Make the building structurally sound and repair termite damage

· Update the electrical

· Build out the attic into usable storage space

· Regrade and replant the yard with a historically sympathetic landscape design

This very rudimentary list gives us the place to start our break-out budget (the technique for achieving this was discussed in an earlier post). Room by room we make a list of everything that is needed for each project including rough materials, finish materials and estimated labor hours. The list for each room is staggering.

This list and budget breakout was not completed in one evening over a glass of Cabernet however. Realistically, it probably took about two months to refine the numbers enough to come up with our true budget and time line. I will share our lists as we work our way through each project. Now begins the tedious process of drawing and developing our vision on paper.

The wallpaper in our bedroom. It depicts palm fronds in a mustard and olive color palette.

The main bathroom. Note the floral wall paper, vinyl sheet flooring, gold plated fixtures and kerosene- style sconces. The saloon door window treatments complete the 1880's bordello theme.

Green washed fake wood paneling, dropped ceiling and random TV cables coming down from the ceiling scream, "1970s mess" in the guest house.

Believe it or not, this was the height of fashion in 1974. And that is why you should not do drugs, kids.

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